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Exclamation Netgear Adds Backup Solution to ReadyDATA Lineup

By Kevin Parrish - Source: Toms IT Pro

Last week, Netgear introduced a new addition to its ReadyDATA unified storage (NAS/SAN) platform, called ReadyRECOVER. This backup platform was built from the ground up to run exclusively with the ReadyDATA family of storage appliances, and enables SMBs to create full backups of desktops, laptops and servers.
Netgear reports that it is the first technology provider to allow incremental backups to serve as full restore points. This is made possible by not only integrating the ReadyDATA storage appliance, but using ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software from StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Snapshots consume very little storage space, and capture the entire system, such as the operating system, all settings and data. Read: Evaluating Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Providers
According to Netgear, snapshots are taken as often as every 15 minutes. Even more, every backup writes only the changed data, and is verified in real time. ReadyRECOVER can restore to any backup to any platform independent of server brand or hypervisor. Supported Windows platforms include Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint servers.
"ReadyRECOVER creates synthetic full backups in a VHDX format, ready to quickly recover into a virtual or physical machine," states the press release. "For both server-to-NAS backup and PC-to-NAS backup, ReadyRECOVER backups require no file conversion, and can independently be used to quickly and reliably restore files, folders, databases or Windows-based systems to any platform."
A list of features include centralized monitoring and alerting of RAID/disk state, storage consumption, agent health and backup tasks. There's also "zero-delay" WAN optimized replication, which means that only unique backup data is ever replicated, and real-time verification on write so that users have no need of babysitting the setup in order to authorize jobs or maintenance operations.
"ReadyRECOVER is a complete hardware and software solution in a single cost-effective backup appliance, relieving businesses of the burden of assembling their own solution," said John McHugh, general manager and senior vice president of the Netgear Commercial Business Unit. "By marrying the enterprise-class features of ReadyDATA with StorageCraft’s best-in-class ShadowProtect software, we offer a solution that enables easy data restoration without a long and complicated process, while suiting the budgetary and usage needs of SMBs."
Netgear's ReadyRECOVER solution is available now through authorized Netgear PowerSHIFT partners and other channels. The software runs exclusively on ReadyDATA storage hardware and is licensed per machine starting at $369.99 for virtual servers, $979 for physical servers and $94.99 for PC protection. ReadyRECOVER comes with a five year limited hardware warranty.

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